Friday, 4 September 2009

A Short Guide to Sustainable Buildings

As we all know, environmental responsibility is the talk of the day. Broadly speaking, the title of "environmental responsibility" refers to actions and policies taken by governments, NGO'S, firms, factories as well as individuals, in order to better preserve the environment for future generations. That is, to limit the "footprints" we mark on the face of Planet Earth.
One of the most inspiring aspects of environmental responsibility is green architecture, which is the craft of erecting sustainable buildings that use resources efficiently during the daily use by their occupiers. Moreover, sustainable buildings are planned to create a healthy and productive setting for those who live or work in them. Environmentalists point at the damage inflicted by the existing environment, which, in retrospective examination, has in many cases harmed its surroundings. Virgin lands offer developers and environmentalists to show how to do it correctly.

Being a real estate entrepreneur, I find it highly important that new buildings should be planned according to principles of green architecture. As the developer of a new business park in Durham city, I see no reason why new buildings will not be built as "green buildings".

Green architecture has many aspects. Follows a short "how-to guide" for green office buildings:
Locate the building as close as possible to public transport (train stations, bus hubs).
Pose the building in the right place inside the development. Business parks are relatively large.

The building should be planned in order to enjoy maximum sunlight and shortest connection to underground infrastructure.
Use transparent windows that can be opened easily, in order to minimise the use of electricity for heating, air conditioning and lighting.

Enable conditions for employees who cycle to work (bicycle park, showers).
Use solar systems to create electricity. Use up-to-date products such as small solar panels as signs inside the buildings.
Recycle water: use grey water from office kitchen taps & dish washers for toilets.

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  1. we all support the establishment of new green buildings, but how do you do it in older ones? it is no secre that the city centrums in the uk, as well as in holland, were mostly built more than 100 years ago (well, except from rotterdam).