Sunday, 12 July 2009

Rising unemployment in the UK

The rising unemployment situation in the UK is different from when it occurred in the 1980s under the Conservative government. During that period, the Thatcher government supported unemployment and ensured that there was a devastation of the coal mining and steel industries. The Tories supported the closures and wanted to break down society. The government wasn’t interested in advancing good economic conditions and its policy was to support unemployment. It was strange how in the coal mining and steel areas, the rush hour cars on the roads no longer existed. The areas were turning into ghost towns and it was frightening.

However the current unemployment level is caused by global economic conditions. The Labour government’s policy is to get people back to work, to invest in communities ensuring that jobs and an economic recovery will come at a faster rate.

An example of this is the planning permission I have received for the first phase of 75 acres Business Park at Durham Green. This will lead to an overall development of 500 acres, creating thousands of jobs in an area of high unemployment. This will also help to regenerate the former coal mining areas.

The current downturn hasn’t been as dramatic as in the ‘80s and most importantly, people still have faith in the leaders of the country, who they believe have the necessary skills to show them the light at the end of the tunnel.

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